What do you love the most about knitting?


I saw this text (http://www.treehugger.com/culture/dont-stop-knitting-its-keeping-you-healthy.htm) and it made me wonder what do other knitters and crocheters think!

I personally really like the idea of being able to do what I need and being less dependent on stores. When I see sawls for 10 euros, or very cheap hats, I try to create awareness for the fact that it’s mathematically impossible that, that hat is made in a sustainable way (through, say, organic wool) and with fair labor conditions. This especifically applies to stores such as H&M (feel free to share your thoughts on this too: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/01/30/us-hm-sustainability-idUSBREA0T00C20140130).

Besides, it is a great way of applying our creativity to something practical and useful. Also, combating stereotypes about the kind of people who knit (which are not appropriated!) is something that I enjoy through my knitting…

What’s your thoughts on this? what’s your favorite aspects of being able to knit? 🙂

Another work in progress – a crochet scarf


I’m currently working on a crochet scarf that a friend of mine ordered. I want to finish soon so that I can focus on other things and try some different yarn I have at home.  Although, of course, I always enjoy doing crochet;)

I’m also planning on giving knitting/ crochet workshops in February and would like to plan them carefully.

For now here is an image on the scarf, which I hope to finish this weekend!