Summer comeback!


I can’t believe how long it’s been since I have written here. Busy lives…;) but now, I’m back on track!

I created some necklaces with cotton, tried some things with it, and for the most part didn’t knit that much because I wanted to focus on my studies. On one hand, I love to knit and relax, on the other, sometimes I do not have the energy to think about a project and plan it before I actually knit something. So then I end up not knitting anything! Guess it is good for my wallet;)

But in other news, I am finishing a new project! It’s my first successful triangle! It is so incredibly easy that I wonder why did I take so long to knit something triangular. Ok, easy for a beginner-intermediate kind of level, but still pretty easy considering the final results! I love to knit without having to think too much about every stitch I do, so most times I don’t engage in complicated projects, but this one has been pretty smooth. So now, do you want to have a look? here are some pictures…

It started out like this…

IMG_20140718_131426    IMG_20140725_124714

And then, it just got bigger and bigger! 🙂


And now it’s almost finished:

IMG_20140730_161651    IMG_20140730_161441

What do you think about it?:) I followed a pattern I saw in a video but I cannot find it again. Basically, you start with 3 stitches. On the next row, you knit one, and then yarn over. When you have just one more stitch on your left hand/needle, you yarn over before and then knit that one. This way, you increase two stitches each row. Very simple yes, and worth it;)

For this I used Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn, colour 356. It is made of wool (40%), silk (25%), polyamide (25%) and mohair (10%). It was a bit expensive for me, but I wanted to try knitting with it. In the end I really loved the result and how it felt on my hands. I am still trying to transition to 100% (sustainable) wool, but that topic deserves a separated topic on its own… You can check the colour and other details here:

And finally. What am I going to do with this warm cute shawl? Well, this is going to be a present for someone I love. My sweet dear grandmother. I hope she loves it as much as I do! 🙂 I am only going to give it to her in some weeks just on time for her birthday, but until then I may start another for me.. ! We’ll see. So far I am busy-busy finishing this one and also working. But before I go, I’d like to ask if you know the best way to wash and give some consistency to shawls? I’ve heard there are some tricks to do when drying it but I still have to look more into that;) Thanks!
Hopefullly I’ll write soon again!:)