Another project finished… :)


Remember the last photo? here is the finished version… I am happy with the result! I finished this some weeks ago, but I was lacking some time to actually take pictures of what I did. Next time I have to make sure my camera is working so that the photos will look more professional. But so far this will do:) I’m a knitter, not a photographer!

Now I would like to get ready for spring and summer, working more with cotton and just enjoy the process. There is also a possibility of me exposing my products in April! that means I have to focus on my knitting and crochet! That’s good news, after all. I won’t be feeling guilty of procrastinating too much with my needles, at least:)



Ps. I took this pattern from the book Premiers Pas au Tricot by Camille Clavi. I totally recommend this book!

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