Old scarf new scarf


Some months ago I knitted a bulky long scarf which in the end didn’t turn out as I planned. It turns out I’m a fan of infinity scarfs… So I finally had the courage to undo it, do it again as I thought I would like it more aaaand! here is the final result! Scarfs are not so expensive to make plus they make you warm without necessarily needing to wear more heavy clothes. I think people underestimate scarfs in the knitting field because it’s considered the basic of knitting, and after that initial period you should move on to something more complex. I might do a post about that in the future, as I quite don’t share the same opinion. For now I’m too excited with my new warm piece. It’s getting cold in the Netherlands and I’m well prepared! 🙂


Another work in progress – a crochet scarf


I’m currently working on a crochet scarf that a friend of mine ordered. I want to finish soon so that I can focus on other things and try some different yarn I have at home.  Although, of course, I always enjoy doing crochet;)

I’m also planning on giving knitting/ crochet workshops in February and would like to plan them carefully.

For now here is an image on the scarf, which I hope to finish this weekend!


A work in progress!


This is something I’ve been working on for a while… It’s a crochet blanket with wool I bought in Portugal at an old small wool shop. It’s quite fast to do and I really like how it looks! I crochet big squares as in the upper right picture and then I sew them. What do you guys think? would you like one for yourself?

I’m so excited about this blanket!!!!
I will keep you updated;)




The biggest part of the hat was made with Estonian wool offered by a friend. I’m glad with the final result, although I really should start on working on slouchier hats ahah.