My own knitting corner!


I haven’t updated this page in a while, but I am glad to announce I’m back with more posts;)

For today I want to show you something I’ve put together. For a while now I was missing a knitting place in my room, one where I could work on my knitting/crochet projects and also store my materials.

Finally I had the time to do it and would like to share it with you 🙂

First, I spotted some ideas online, although none of them would suit the space and resources I had. So I decided to use what I had at home, and went to a second hand shop to get some jars and metal boxes. Finally, I discovered this amazing chair online!

Before this I had no idea it could be cheap, fun and easy to organize my materials but now I’m super glad I did it. Hope this will inspire you and would really like to hear your experiences about organizing your stash and other tips too!

Here are two other images of my knitting corner:



You even get a glimpse of the new project I’m working on! I am knitting the Minimalist Cardigan by Ruthie Nussbaum in a lovely turquoise from Semilla:)

Soon I’ll post more updated on the cardigan, which should be finished soon!

What are you working on now that knitting season has started?;)


A Feminist Knitter

Summer comeback!


I can’t believe how long it’s been since I have written here. Busy lives…;) but now, I’m back on track!

I created some necklaces with cotton, tried some things with it, and for the most part didn’t knit that much because I wanted to focus on my studies. On one hand, I love to knit and relax, on the other, sometimes I do not have the energy to think about a project and plan it before I actually knit something. So then I end up not knitting anything! Guess it is good for my wallet;)

But in other news, I am finishing a new project! It’s my first successful triangle! It is so incredibly easy that I wonder why did I take so long to knit something triangular. Ok, easy for a beginner-intermediate kind of level, but still pretty easy considering the final results! I love to knit without having to think too much about every stitch I do, so most times I don’t engage in complicated projects, but this one has been pretty smooth. So now, do you want to have a look? here are some pictures…

It started out like this…

IMG_20140718_131426    IMG_20140725_124714

And then, it just got bigger and bigger! 🙂


And now it’s almost finished:

IMG_20140730_161651    IMG_20140730_161441

What do you think about it?:) I followed a pattern I saw in a video but I cannot find it again. Basically, you start with 3 stitches. On the next row, you knit one, and then yarn over. When you have just one more stitch on your left hand/needle, you yarn over before and then knit that one. This way, you increase two stitches each row. Very simple yes, and worth it;)

For this I used Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn, colour 356. It is made of wool (40%), silk (25%), polyamide (25%) and mohair (10%). It was a bit expensive for me, but I wanted to try knitting with it. In the end I really loved the result and how it felt on my hands. I am still trying to transition to 100% (sustainable) wool, but that topic deserves a separated topic on its own… You can check the colour and other details here:

And finally. What am I going to do with this warm cute shawl? Well, this is going to be a present for someone I love. My sweet dear grandmother. I hope she loves it as much as I do! 🙂 I am only going to give it to her in some weeks just on time for her birthday, but until then I may start another for me.. ! We’ll see. So far I am busy-busy finishing this one and also working. But before I go, I’d like to ask if you know the best way to wash and give some consistency to shawls? I’ve heard there are some tricks to do when drying it but I still have to look more into that;) Thanks!
Hopefullly I’ll write soon again!:)

Another project finished… :)


Remember the last photo? here is the finished version… I am happy with the result! I finished this some weeks ago, but I was lacking some time to actually take pictures of what I did. Next time I have to make sure my camera is working so that the photos will look more professional. But so far this will do:) I’m a knitter, not a photographer!

Now I would like to get ready for spring and summer, working more with cotton and just enjoy the process. There is also a possibility of me exposing my products in April! that means I have to focus on my knitting and crochet! That’s good news, after all. I won’t be feeling guilty of procrastinating too much with my needles, at least:)



Ps. I took this pattern from the book Premiers Pas au Tricot by Camille Clavi. I totally recommend this book!

New project!!!



Not sure what to call this new project, but hopefully it will be finished this week! I will post the end result here… I am very glad I started to knit clothing pieces, even though I was reluctant at first. It takes a lot of pacience to follow patterns and designs I see on books, but I am very motivated now 🙂 This one here was taken out of a french knitting book for begginers. The front and back parts are symmetrical and I can dress it closing it with two buttons on the right and left side / you can see the buttonholes in the image. Hopefully this will look good and I can use it very soon! Sewing the endings of the yarn, though, will take some time….

Soon I will have to start working with cotton to prepare my spring and summer pieces;)

Also, this month I have started an AFK workshop in Leiden and also taught other friend how to knit! In the space of a month 3 people are now able to knit themselves a cozy warm scarf!

Feels good to meet up with other new knitters;)


What do you love the most about knitting?


I saw this text ( and it made me wonder what do other knitters and crocheters think!

I personally really like the idea of being able to do what I need and being less dependent on stores. When I see sawls for 10 euros, or very cheap hats, I try to create awareness for the fact that it’s mathematically impossible that, that hat is made in a sustainable way (through, say, organic wool) and with fair labor conditions. This especifically applies to stores such as H&M (feel free to share your thoughts on this too:

Besides, it is a great way of applying our creativity to something practical and useful. Also, combating stereotypes about the kind of people who knit (which are not appropriated!) is something that I enjoy through my knitting…

What’s your thoughts on this? what’s your favorite aspects of being able to knit? 🙂




Although I have been quite busy with my knitting (happily busy, I must say!) I just made visit cards for my project to spread around Utrecht and the Netherlands in general:) I’m quite happy with the result… What do you think?
I have already managed to do some small promotion in a very “gezellig” coffee place, and they even alowed me to expose some of my pieces there. It’s time to get creative and learn more techniques!

Old scarf new scarf


Some months ago I knitted a bulky long scarf which in the end didn’t turn out as I planned. It turns out I’m a fan of infinity scarfs… So I finally had the courage to undo it, do it again as I thought I would like it more aaaand! here is the final result! Scarfs are not so expensive to make plus they make you warm without necessarily needing to wear more heavy clothes. I think people underestimate scarfs in the knitting field because it’s considered the basic of knitting, and after that initial period you should move on to something more complex. I might do a post about that in the future, as I quite don’t share the same opinion. For now I’m too excited with my new warm piece. It’s getting cold in the Netherlands and I’m well prepared! 🙂


Another work in progress – a crochet scarf


I’m currently working on a crochet scarf that a friend of mine ordered. I want to finish soon so that I can focus on other things and try some different yarn I have at home.  Although, of course, I always enjoy doing crochet;)

I’m also planning on giving knitting/ crochet workshops in February and would like to plan them carefully.

For now here is an image on the scarf, which I hope to finish this weekend!